Kagumu Development Organization (KADO) is a membership organization comprising of small farmer groups and individual members. The organization was initiated in 1998, registered in 1999 as a community based organization, as an NGO in December 2004 and company Ltd by Guarantee in 2006. The organization was formed to provide integrated development services to the rural subsistence farming communities in Uganda.

KADO is an organization that endeavors to benefit all people regardless of religion beliefs, tribe and gender. It seeks to achieve it’s objectives by sharing information and networking with all stakeholders/local authorities. It implements it’s programs in line with government policies all aiming at reduction of poverty among vulnerable communities in Uganda., focusing on women, children and orphans and vulnerable children.

Location: Its offices are in Bulocho village, Nankokoli parish, Kagumu subcounty, Kibuku county, Kibuku distinct along Kibuku Bulangira road. Its 23km from Pallisa town, 8km from Kibuku district and 230 km from Kampala city in Uganda.


• Quality services

• Team work.

• Integrity

• Transparency

• Accountability

• Timeliness


1. Operation of a health centre 111

2. Provision of comprehensive health education and services focusing on HIV/AIDS, malaria and other communicable diseases.

3. Provision of knowledge and skills in Integrated Sustainable Agriculture.

4. Provision of Care and support to orphans, vulnerable children and the elderly.

5. Empowering Communities Environmental preservation and Conservation.

6. Advocacy and lobbying on human rights and good governance

7. General business.

MR. Florian weisser, M.A, PHD Student University of Bayreuth at KADO offices sharing experiences on the implications of climate change to kagumu development organization activities after monitoring and evaluation workshop organized by DENIVSA and Africa 2000 Network
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Kagumu Development Organisation (KADO)
Box 260 Pallisa, Uganda,
Tel: +256-454-479 051,
Email: info@kagumudevelopment.org

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